Tay Ninh specialties

Seasoning Salts

Tinh Nguyen dipping salt is created from organic ingredients in VietNam that fulfill three criteria: FRESH, CLEAN, and QUALITY. The combination is made from ripe chili peppers and components blended in a certain ratio, resulting in a typical, standard Tay Ninh flavor while yet maintaining health and safety.

Rice Paper

Rice paper are selected and processed from the most delicious and premium ingredients to produce thin pieces of rice paper but still retain the right flexibility and toughness, bringing a traditional taste, standard Western taste. Ninh, convenient to use without worrying about tearing.

Mixture Rice Paper

Mixed rice paper is the perfect choice for snackers because the wonderful combination of the spicy taste of salt and the plasticity of rice paper creates a delicious and irresistible taste. Fadely Tinh Nguyen mixed rice paper products are manufactured under strict quality processes and certified for food hygiene and safety, ensuring safety and quality for consumers.