Tay Ninh specialties

Tinh Nguyen has skilfully created a rich grain of salt, a supple rice paper with quintessential flavor, faithful to the specialty, and reaching every Vietnamese kitchen - providing the entire flavor of Tay Ninh.

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Delicious spice & good Dellycook

Inheriting the spirit of "Deep but the standard", Dellycook elevate the kitchen seasoning with products for Vietnamese meals to become more delicious, healthy, and convenient. Dellycook believes that to become an "effective assistant' accompanying housewives, a product is not only delicious but also healthy.

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Other Seasonings

From the passion to bring delicious and quality meals to Vietnamese families, Tinh Nguyen brings a line of seasoning products that are thhoughtful in choosing ingredients and perfecting the processing. Tinh Nguyen spice and dipping sauce contains a rich and delicious flavor for each dish, blasting the flavor straight away.

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