Tinh Nguyen - VietNam FoodExpo 2022

Vietnam Food Industry International Exhibition - VietNam FoodExpo 2022 has officially closed, bringing many new steps to the food industry in Vietnam.

Vietnam FoodExpo 2022 is a great show of Vietnam's food industry, which honors the national brand value of Vietnamese food, with the participation of leading manufacturers and exporters, meeting the needs of the world. strict standards in the world for food and beverages, contributing to bringing Vietnamese food to the most demanding markets in the world. At the exhibition, there were more than 500 booths of nearly 400 enterprises from more than 30 provinces and cities of Vietnam and nearly 20 countries/regions: Argentina, Russia, Canada, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru, Turkey, Finland, Poland, Spain, France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar... Tinh Nguyen also attended and brought quality Vietnamese products, introduced to other markets. domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises

With quality products, Tinh Nguyen has made many new strides in promoting Tay Ninh specialties in particular and Vietnamese spices in general closer to international friends.

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Tinh Nguyen x Vietfood & Beverage Propack 2023

Tinh Nguyen for the first time introduced a premium spice set - Sublimating taste buds at the 2023 International Food and Beverage Exhibition to conquer all demanding tastes, predicting to "storm" the upcoming market.

Tinh Nguyen x Consumer Promotion Fair 2023

Tinh Nguyen launches a new seasoning collection including Fermented Chili Sauce, Tamarind Sauce, Vinegar Oil, Black Garlic Satay at Consumer Promotion Fair 2023.

Tinh Nguyen x Quintessence of Craft Villages and Regional Specialties Event 2023.

Tinh Nguyen brings original Tay Ninh standard products with OCOP certification at the Quintessence of Craft Villages and Regional Specialties Event 2023.

Tinh Nguyen Co.,Ltd - Thaifex Anuga 2023

Tinh Nguyen participates in the exhibition at Thaifex Anuga 2023 - Asia's leading Food & Beverage Trade Fair

Tinh Nguyen and the journey to send love

The journeys of exchanging love for products to share rain and sun have been carried out by Tinh Nguyen in the past 2022. Tinh Nguyen is very happy to be able to send small but meaningful parts to everyone